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Our business began in 2005 and our beauty specialists have had fifteen years of un-beatable  experience. Our experience originates in China, Hong Kong, where we have mastered and  created high beauty standards. We also provide and promote the best beauty and skincare products from France and Italy. With our top products, we will be able to provide and encourage the rebirth of beautiful skin.

本公司成立於2005年,本公司的美容師是唐安琪國際美容學院學生,擁有豐富的美容纖體經驗。本公司經營的護膚 品是奧斯卡贊助商之一 G.M Collin。所有專業護膚品來自法國與意大利。轉為女士提供一站式的美容,瘦身,香薰熱石淋巴排毒等服務。務求讓各位女士擁有亮麗肌膚,美麗重生。